Central Plains Classis

Central Plains Classis

Central Plains Classis is a classis within the Reformed Church in America. 

work details

The Central Plains Classis website is a dynamic website built upon the WordPress platform. The website contains the following features:

  • Content Management
  • Donation Payment Module
  • Blog
  • Events Calendar
  • Member Area
  • Bi-Lingual


This website was developed over five years ago and it is still being used and the design is still relevant. We have worked with this organization for over 5 years. 

additional info

client: Central Plains Classis

services: Design, Development, CMS, Payment Modules, blog Member Area

website: https://centralplainsclassis.org

Why Should I Have A New Modern Website

Web Design About Us

Website standards change so often it is almost impossible for web developers to keep up with the changes. It’s even more difficult for those who are not trained in web development. A good professional web developer is someone who stays up on standards and actively implements them in their practice


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