[heading type=2]Search Engine Optimization Plans[/heading]

Most SEO companies charge a heavy fee because they include a lot of services- some of which are valuable and some that are not. Innovate Web Development takes a different approach. We have created several options for you to chose from based on what your needs are.

There are three ways you can set up a SEO plan with Innovate Web Development:

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  • Website Optimization + Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (requires information derived from previous optimization)
[/list] [space height=”40″] [heading type=2]Analytics[/heading]

Website Optimization ensures overall efficiencies in your website including speed, cleanliness, density, and overall responsiveness. In other words, customers will be able to click around and find what they need quickly without annoying lag time. See our Plans below.

[space height=”30″] [space height=”40″] [heading type=2]Search Engine Optimization / Analytics[/heading]

Search Engine Optimization incorporates strategies necessary for your customers to find you on search engines. These strategies require ongoing optimization and analysis in order for search engines to trust and suggest your website to potential clients. The more ongoing optimization that takes place the better your overall placement on search engines.

  • Quarterly Reports
  • Bi-Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Reports