How to organize website content

It can be a daunting task to try and gather content for a website. The larger the website, the more daunting. I have seen people completely give up on doing a website simply because of the content creation process. As a result of this we have compiled a really easy user guide on how to create organized content that you can then use to create your own website, or submit it to a web developer to create for you.

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The first thing I tell my clients is to think in terms of a writing outline. You remember the outlines you had to make when you were in school. They usually started with a Roman Numeral (I, II, III, etc.) and then alternate numbering systems while indenting. For exmaple:

I. The history of web design

A. Early 90’s

B. Mid-Late 90’s

C. 2000’s and beyond

i. Early 2000’s

ii. Later period

II. The cultural influence of web design

This outline will serve as the overall navigation for your website. The primary numbers (eg. I, II, III, etc.) will be your top level links (eg. Home, About Us, Services, etc.). The second level to your outline will serve as your subnavigation (eg. A, B, C, etc.). The deeper your outline develops the more robust your navigation will be. In the end you can chose to have your navigation be not as deep as your outline, but for now it will serve us useful so that we can see the “whole picture”.
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After you have completed your outline you will want to begin creating pages. You should have a page for each item on your outline that you are going to provide content for. Keep in mind that you DO NOT have to create content for top level pages. For example, you might have a top level link that says “services”. Here are the options that you might consider:

  1. You could have a services page with all of your services listed.
  2. You could have a services page with a brief description of your services listed with links that bring the user to another page with a full description.
  3. You could have just a link in the navigation labeled “services” and have a sub-navigation menu list all of your services. From here the user would click on those services to access that services’ page.