How to develop good website content

How to develop good website content

Usually website home page content can be developed by answering a few basic questions. Although no home page is the same; most can be considered “typical”.

The first step is to organize your ideas into an outline. This is also referred to as a link tree. Your link tree will be your guide for developing content.

Next, you want to create introductory material for each of your top level pages. For example, you might have an “About Us” section with two sub-sections called “Our Mission” and “Staff”. “About Us” is referred to as your “top-level” link in your navigation tree (followed by “mission” and “staff”).

Therefore, your “About Us” content should be arranged in such a way that it both introduces the link topic (about us) as well as your sub-topics (mission and staff). Below is an example of what that might look like:

“Joe’s Emporium provides a robust selection of products and services that will fit your every need. Our products are not only affordable, but are crafted with the highest quality. It is our number one goal to please the customer. With our 24 hour dedicated support team you will always find someone to talk to, should you have any questions about one of our products or services.”Learn more about us
Our Vision
Our Team

In the above example we not only introduced ourselves, but we also teased out “sub-content” (Vision and Staff). “About Us” should answer some or all of the following questions:

  1. Who we are?
  2. What we do?
  3. Why we do it?
  4. Why you should care?

Your content should be clear and concise. Since you only have a few seconds with your user it is necessary to create content that is not convoluted. There are two ways to communicate your content; and which method you choose should reflect the type of character you want your business to portray.

Personal Approach:
This approach uses basic and sometimes even “folksy” type language to communicate to the user. It has been the case that small businesses have used this method because there primary audience is there local community. However, it has been the most recent trend for larger (even international size) companies to employ this communication style. The reason for this is due to the mistrust that oftentimes accompanies large company persona’s. Users are growing more and more untrustworthy of the websites they visit. Therefore, to speak in a way that is relatable (maybe even humorous at times) is a great way to draw in these types of customers.

Professional Approach:
You may find that being “folksy” doesn’t fit your company’s persona. Using the professional approach it is important to be clear and concise. Tell your user exactly what they need to know, where they need to go, or what they need to do.

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